Tips for Increasing Instagram Engagement and Increasing Website Traffic

Increasing Instagram Engagement&Increasing Website Traffic

All in all, bear in mind that Instagram wants users to be active on the platform, and your strategy should follow suit in order to reach your objectives.

Optimise your Instagram bio :

People will view your Instagram bio as one of the first things they see when they land on your profile, and you want it to convey the most appealing aspect of your business that will entice them to scroll down and eventually follow your page.

However, your bio isn’t only for telling people about your company; it’s also for ensuring that your profile is searchable for your major keywords. for example, you may use a keyword like “Instagram Influencer.”

Here are a few more strategies to make your Instagram bio more optimised –

  • Emojis and symbols can be added.
  • Include your brand and a hashtag.
  • Shorten the link and add a UTM to it.

Use the right hashtags :

Users on Instagram can follow hashtags to be discovered in the feeds of people who aren’t following you but are interested in the topics you cover.

As a result, including relevant and targeted hashtags in your posts and stories can help you increase engagement and attract new followers, which can lead to more consumers for your company.

Share infographic posts :

One of the most engaging content categories on Instagram is infographics or instructive posts, which increase the amount of saves on your post, which is important for Instagram algorithms.

The more saves you get on your posts, the more appealing it is to the Instagram algorithm, which increases the reach of that specific post. People want to share their own opinions on the topic because these are useful posts, which increases engagement on the content.

As a result, constantly strive to offer useful content that add value to your audience’s understanding of your product or service.

Post Long Videos :

Instagram only enables you to publish videos that are no more than 60 seconds in length in a post, however IGTV allows you to share lengthier movies with a preview that you may share on your Instagram feed and stories.

Now, the longer your videos are, the more time people spend watching them, giving you the opportunity to engage them and direct them to your website via the IGTV description link.

Instagram wants us to spend more time on the platform, and publishing lengthier videos encourages people to stay longer. As a result, Instagram enjoys your content and extends your reach to a wider audience.

Use Interactive stories to grow engagement :

Since its inception a few years ago, Instagram’s storey format has developed. It is constantly releasing new interactive stickers that allow users to interact with businesses rather than just be spectators.

Questions, Quizzes, Polls, and Countdown are examples of interactive stickers that keep your readers engaged and encourage them to spend more time reading your tales. When we were going to go live on YouTube for this webinar, for example, we utilised a countdown sticker in our narrative that allows visitors to set a reminder for when the countdown expires.

Add your main products as story highlights :

You can add stories to appear on your profile just below your bio using storey highlights, even after the original storey has vanished. Story highlights can now be utilised as a catalogue from which viewers can visit your website and learn more about it if you’re selling things or providing services.

The highlights area of your Instagram storey is a critical part of your profile, and you should use it to raise awareness of your offerings among first-time visitors and direct them to your website.

Do micro-blogging on Instagram :

Instagram is a photo-sharing app, and they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. A image with a compelling storey behind it, on the other hand, gives additional significance to it.

You can use Instagram as a microblogging platform, diving further into a topic and sharing behind-the-scenes stories or tutorials with your followers in the post caption. In the post below, for example, we used a microblogging method in the caption to discuss the image content.

Share Quotes :

People adore quotations on Instagram; they save them, like them, and share them with others, resulting in increased engagement.

So, whether you’re running a restaurant, a retail store, or creating your own brand, quotes may help you keep your audience interested and on your mind.

Get more clicks on your link in bio :

You want visitors to click on your link in the bio to visit a webpage for more information because you can’t include links in the descriptions of your Instagram posts.

It’s a big ask to expect people to visit your profile to discover the link to obtain an offer, download an ebook, or simply read the most current blog article. You may make this easy for your followers by including your profile username in the description, which they can click to visit your profile right from the caption.

Add multiple links in your bio :

You can’t truly have numerous links in your bio, but I have a workaround for you. You can include a link to an Instagram landing page where you can include connections to other pages to which you wish to direct traffic.

Run Instagram Giveaways :

Last but not least, you should offer Instagram freebies to increase interaction and grow your brand’s active following.

Instagram giveaways are time-limited contests in which a brand offers to give something away to one or more lucky participants who meet a set of requirements provided by the brand.

two types of giveaways you can run on Instagram –

Comment Picker giveaways- To enter the contest, submit images or videos and urge others to comment and suggest a (or multiple) friends. After that, you choose the winner(s) at random from among the participants.

Hashtag contest- You ask people to post a photo or video with your product or anything connected to a specified topic, and then a winner is chosen from among them. To increase involvement, you can add a few extra terms to the contest, such as following and mentioning your profile, and tagging 2(or more) friends in the caption.


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