Best Ways for YouTube videos + Channel Promotion

YouTube videos + Channel Promotion

The truth is that no matter how much effort you put into making your films, if you don’t advertise and promote them, the vast majority of your audience will never see them. It’s like hosting a big party without telling everyone where it would be held.

And now is the time to make a shift and become one of the well-known YouTubers.These pointers have been tried and true, and they work for videos in practically any field. Consider this post a check list to use after you’ve finished making your films.

Video Title :

The titles of your videos are a big impact in whether they receive a lot of views and are shared all over the internet, or if they only get a few. The titles of your videos are a big impact in whether or not they get a lot of attention and are shared on the Internet.

Video Tags :

Incorrect tag usage is one of the most common mistakes that stymies the growth of your YouTube video’s organic marketing.

Tagging in YouTube is not the same as tagging in a blog post. Now is a good moment to start paying attention to YouTube tags if you haven’t already. You can even edit all of your previous tags.

Use A Custom Thumbnail on YouTube:

Custom thumbnails are only available to verified YouTube accounts. In the related video and suggested video sections, a strong video thumbnail might help you stand out.

Here are some thumbnail tips:

  • Have a 1280 x 720 resolution
  • Upload in.JPG,.GIF,.BMP, or.PNG format
  • Make sure it’s under 2MB

Use Intro and outro video for Branding :

From now on, there are a few branding steps you should take to guarantee that each video stands out. Using a branded intro and outro is one of them.

YouTube intro: A 3-5 second video that plays at the start of the video to promote your business.
Outro on YouTube: This can be as basic as showcasing relevant videos for your channel or asking people to like and subscribe to videos.

Share Videos On Social Media Channels :

If you’re a video blogger, your YouTube channel should have some social media properties. This allows you to build a community outside of YouTube and attract visitors from other major social media and social networking sites. promote your YouTube videos on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

Start A Blog For Your YouTube Channel :

If you’re a full-time YouTuber, you should consider starting a blog to complement your videos. It’s rather simple to integrate YouTube videos into a blog these days, and you can even start one.

Create a blog and use a video-specific
WordPress theme, in my opinion. If you already make money from YouTube, Managed WordPress Hosting is the way to go so you don’t have to bother about blog maintenance.

Use Calls To Action :

You must inform people on social networking platforms about the steps you want them to take.

Ask viewers to like and subscribe to your channel at the end of the video, or even midway in the middle. Simultaneously, you can request that they share the video with others who might benefit from it.The majority of well-known YouTubers employ the “call to action” strategy to increase the number of people who watch their videos. Start doing this from your next video onward if you haven’t already.You’ll be surprised to see that merely asking your existing members increases the amount of shares significantly.

Interview Influencers In Your Niche:

This isn’t a straight YouTube video promotion approach that can improve your channel, but it does tie in nicely with your entire channel promotion strategy.

Interviewing an influencer allows you to have access to a group that is already active in your niche. You will not only attract the attention of people who follow that influencer, but you will also be noticed by the rest of the industry.You may locate the best influencers in your field and conduct interviews with them via Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. You can use Ecamm call recorder to record Skype calls. Zoom’s free version enables for up to 45 minutes of video recording, which is what I use these days.

YouTube’s Creator Academy :

Most aspiring YouTube marketers make the mistake of focusing solely on producing more videos and neglecting to learn.

YouTube is one of the most rapidly changing platforms, therefore it’s critical that you keep up with all of the current and new tips and tactics.YouTube’s Creator Academy can help you learn how to get the most out of your YouTube videos (and your channel as a whole). I was amazed to learn so many growth tips and methods that I would have otherwise overlooked when I first started learning here.

Post to your YouTube community :

YouTube is quietly forming a social network, and you may use the post to community tool to promote a video. Simply select “Create post” from the Plus symbol on the YouTube site or mobile app

Now write your message and provide a link to the video you wish to promote. To make it more engaging, you can add.gifs or images, or even run a poll. Your audience can like and comment on your content, which is a wonderful indicator of increased interaction. One of the unexplored free video promotion tactics is this.



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