5 Twitter Tools to Send Automatic Direct Messages

Twitter Tools to Send Automatic Direct Messages

Because Twitter is so popular, there are many ways to follow Twitter users who share your interests, not following people in large numbers, and sending straightforward direct messages to your followers.

Sending a direct message (DM) to fans to present your blog or new resources is not considered spam if done properly and there are only useful links.

Tweet Manager :

Tweet Manager is similar to Twitter’s personal assistant, and is important for sending straightforward direct messages.
A Tweet manager can do more than just send messages; and can send messages in bulk, set up default retweets, edit tweets and messages, and more.
With Tweet Manager, you can track and track Twitter users by entering the keywords you want, and you can send default messages to those who respond to you.

For more information visit  https://www.tweetmanager.com/

Social Oomph:

By sending direct default messages, SocialOopmh can help you improve your productivity.
You can also edit tweets, track keywords, track those who follow you, gain new followers, use buzz, and much more with SocialOomph.

As mentioned earlier, greeting all your fans with a different message for everyone is a daunting task.

For more information visit  https://www.socialoomph.com/

CrowdFire :

Sending default reception messages via CrowdFire is another great way. Customers will receive random messages rather than instant messages because there are many interesting notes available.

You can choose what to display in their reception books, which contain a variety of content. Your approach will appear more sensitive than a robot.

Also, this app makes it very easy not to follow people on Twitter or not. It also allows the user to edit tweets throughout the week and add links to relevant audiences through various filtering functions.

For more information visit  https://www.crowdfireapp.com/

App Unfollowers :

App followers are not as good as others. However, this seems to be the key to the success of the tool.

It separates itself from the competition by various activities such as providing access to information about new fans, fans, and more. App Unfollowers also makes it easy to track those who do not follow your account.

With this tool, removing new followers and tracking those who follow becomes a breeze. App Unfollowers has a unique feature that allows you to delete EGGS from your account.

For more information visit  https://appunfollowers.com/

Holr :

Holr is compatible with both Twitter and Instagram. After the free trial, the default messages delivered via Holr will label the tool name. Holr not only helps users find new followers, but also allows them to send messages to everyone at once.

Holr can be connected to Twitter by clicking on “Add Account” in the Accounts menu on the left. You can select “All Followers” to send a message to all your fans.

For more information visit  https://www.slintel.com/tech/twitter-marketing/holrco-market-share


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