10 Best Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Management Tool

The best social media management tools makes it simple and easy to manage social media marketing in a targeted way, especially when you consider that companies spend a lot of money to produce content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

No matter what you do, reaching your customers and readers largely depends on the ubiquity of social media sites. However, if you don’t know how to effectively track their impact and impact in the future, it doesn’t make sense to waste time and resources on great Facebook posts and fantastic tweets. The number of subscribers is only a part of the story. 

Buffer :

Buffer is a comprehensive and easy-to-use social media tool that provides a single queue for social media posting, engagement, analytics, and team functions.

Buffer is considered to be an intuitive and simplified social media management platform trusted by brands, companies, institutions and individuals to help you get meaningful engagement and results on social media channels.

Although you cannot download and reuse hundreds of posts, it integrates with RSS feeds that can be used to publish blog posts. Buffer does not have influencer search and has a limited customer management support system, but it is a very easy-to-use tool that can simplify the content planning process, it also grants permissions and creates user workflows.

For more details visit:- https://zapier.com/blog/


Hootsuite was the first in social media marketing and has been around since 2008. Hootsuite is the social media platform with the most blogs, and you will find it in most posts. They are known for planning, organizing, arranging, monitoring content, and integrating with RSS, and have a good reputation. We believe that many teams, big or small, will start with Hootsuite and then move on to other services that better suit their needs.

However, what we really appreciate is the sheer scale of Hootsuite, its marketing expertise, and Hootsuite Education Academy, which can help you learn social media marketing and allow you to pay certification fees to equip yourself with the skills you need to succeed.

They have no automatic post uploading, social inbox, or influencer

search. It is known to be a fully integrated tool with excellent social media listening capabilities. They also offer a 30-day trial period.

For more details visit:- https://www.hootsuite.com/


Zoho stands out as a versatile tool that enables consumers to manage the social aspects of their business in one place, while managing their emails, projects, bookkeeping and webinars.

In addition to managing multiple social media channels, there is also a publishing calendar feature that allows you to see which posts you plan to publish. You can also track target keywords in conversations and enable Zoho team collaboration. Zoho also provides a version specific to marketing agencies that supports brand management and communication of customer lists and white labeling.

For more details visit:- https://www.zoho.com/social/


The feature of MeetEdgar is its automation and scheduling capabilities. They even offer continuous posting, which means they will automatically select relevant posts and post them to your social media accounts.

MeetEdgar won the Best Automation Award because they are designed to help companies with time constraints automate their accounts. The software allows you to use browser extensions to generate posts, set a category-based schedule to save your time and effort, and run continuous posting to ensure you always attract viewers.

MeetEdgar also gives you access to an unlimited library of content that the platform mixes and arranges for you. You can also set your account to automatically download your latest content, and you can use automatic link shortening to save space when sharing your content on social media.

For more details visit:-  https://meetedgar.com/?via=dt76e


Loomly is a social media management tool for branding and content creation. Compared with other social packages, Loomly is not yet a fully integrated solution. Unfortunately, they are mainly content-driven, and they lack features that large companies find valuable.

Loomly has a visual calendar and content suggestion features that can help social media managers to make a good strategy.

Although they currently do not have a social network mailbox, they do provide social network monitoring and customer management functions. We still believe that Loomly is a meaningful solution for some entrepreneurs and small businesses.

For more details visit:-https://blog.loomly.com/social-media-workflow/


Sendible provides a collaborative social media management platform for the team. In addition to the usual default settings, it also adds many special tools to make it easier to control your social media posts, as well as the overall planning, queuing and calendar aspects of the posts.

Sendible also allows you to view and customize posts on any platform, so you can adjust the content to display better on any platform, especially when aligning and optimizing images.

If you don’t have enough content, Sendible has suggestions. Sendible has a powerful set of well-presented tools, and Sendible collaboration is one of the most powerful features, which allows the team to process assigned tasks and approve content before planning to ensure that quality control requirements are met.

Another important part of the platform is social monitoring, which allows

you to track not only your own content, but also user mentions, as well as competition and certain hashtags. There’s also Google Analytics integration to track clicks and user behavior related to traffic from social media channels.

For more details visit:-https://www.sendible.com/


Iconosquare is used to manage the instagram business accounts and facebook pages. It helps us in visualizing the content on social web. Its functions shows that it has been made to only focus on instagram. In Iconosquare, we can schedule a post for future posting on instagram and facebook.

After scheduling, we can preview our instagram feed for the look and feel. We can also import images which are to be scheduled. Adding labels and sorting library makes it easy to find an image and thus duplicate images can not be formed.

It shows analytics in graphical format for our social accounts.

For more details visit:- https://pro.iconosquare.com/


Tailwind mainly focuses on pinterest management. But also manages the visual side of instagram web. Tailwind is used to schedule post and monitor the performance of the post on pinterest and instagram. Tailwind recommends the current trend to make a content. It includes pixel-match technology and image recognition to find the well liked image for pinterest. Likes are one of the major factor that decides if the content or campaign is successful or not.

While perusing Pin performance, it’s easy to reuse the content by clicking Add to SmartLoop or Re-Schedule this Pin.

For more details visit:-  https://www.tailwindapp.com/


It is a free tool which provides us data of total number of shares of a post on social media. We can get more than 500 APIs for free. But for domain listing and email support we need to purchase a paid plan.

To increase share on our site we need to use social share plugin.

For more details visit:-  https://www.sharedcount.com/


Canva is very useful tool which is used to manage visuals on social media. With the help of this tool we can design a post even if we do not have any knowledge about web designing. It is mainly used to create an ad ,post or banner to run a campaign on social media platforms. It contains plenty of templates which gives us idea to make a fabulous banner for our campaign.

For more details visit:-  https://www.canva.com/


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