10 Best Search Engine Optimization Tools

SEO Tools

There ate a great number of Internet Ad banner marketing tools that will help various internet marketers make profits and utilize their resources efficiently. Banner ads are one such marketing tool that aids in increasing traffic flow to your website. Internet business owners need to be strategically inclined while choosing various websites to put their advertisements on. The website on which a business owner chooses to put their banner ads should exhibit a similar target audience structure as per the requirement of their business undertaking.


SEO is of two types:

  • On Page:- It works inside the website.
  • Off Page:- It works outside the website.


Ahrefs is one of the most recommended online SEO tool. SEO professionals can’t get enough of Ahrefs’s site auditing capabilities because it is currently one of the best SEO analysis tool. It emphasizes which parts of your website needs improvement to rank higher on search engines ranking pages (SERPs). In terms of competitor analysis, Ahrefs is used to identify competitor backlinks so that you can use them as a starting point for your own brand. It is a tool for finding the most relevant content for your niche, checking and fixing broken links on your website and understanding the best performing pages (so you can understand what information actually attracts visitors).

For more details checkout the link:https://ahrefs.com/


Ahrefs shows the keywords volume and also tells you how much difficult they are to rank.

It tells you the rank of our targeted keyword.

The data of Ahrefs is always fresh.

It gives you content creation ideas.

Ahrefs gives you an organic keyword list


Ahrefs is expensive as compared to other tools.

It is difficult to navigate.

Customer service associates are slow to solve problems.

In the trial plan, the rank tracking is not good.

It filters only one keyword.

Google Search Console:-

Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a set of tools and resources that helps a website owner, webmasters, digital marketers and SEO professionals track website performance in the Google search index. Features also include information about search appearance, search traffic, technical status updates, tracking data, and other educational resources.   

For more links go to the website:https://search.google.com/


It can directly submit the sitemap on google.

Google console can also index and crawl your updated versions of your webpages.

With the help of GSC, we can get list of all the keywords for which the site is ranked currently.

We can also track the CTR, impression and its position as well.

We can also get the information about the website linked to your website.


GSC doesn’t accept HTML sitemap.

It doesn’t give you keyword information.

It does not give much details about why pages were not indexed.

This tool is not for beginners.


SEMRUSH is one of the best SEO tool there is in the market and over the years, it has earned a reputation for itself. This tool takes competitive research to a whole new level. It provides more than 20 methods to research competitors. It is very suitable for paid and PPC traffic.


For more details go to this website: https://www.semrush.com/



It provides you a list of your digital competitors.

It will also notify you on your website, why your website does not work properly.

It will manage the overall website from an SEO prospective

The site audit is good.

The have up to date data.


Slightly difficult for new users.

The backlink audit tools are confusing and sometimes inaccurate.

SEMRUSH have some technical issues while opening.

SEMRUSH needs to improve UI and UX

It consists of some not so useful tools which might get you confused.

KW finder:-

SEO keyword tool like KWFinder can help you find long-tail keywords with less competition. Experts use this SEO tool to find the best keywords and generate backlinks for SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis reports. The ranking tracker tool helps you easily determine your ranking by tracking your improvements based on key metrics. If this is not enough, you will get a large number of new keyword variations to help you rank your website.

For more detail click on this website: https://mangools.com#a61c2c84cfeebf85321e37f02


The best part of KWFinder is that, it has a free option available on the net.

It has the best keyword suggestions.

Rating for different keywords is good.

It makes it easy to find a particular keyword.


Free plan is a ‘light’ plan.

It needs to provide more chat support to it’s users.


SEO Moz software is recognized as one of the best SEO tools used by experts. Some experts praised the fact that although Google’s algorithm is regularly changing, Moz is always up-to-date. Others praised Moz’s chat portal for always giving insightful responses to every question asked.

Whether you are looking for keyword suggestions or website crawl, Moz provides you with all the necessary services. You can get a good idea of ​​how your website is performing and how to improve it. They also have a free MozBar dashboard that you can download to view your website’s matrices as you browse through any page.


For more details go to this website: https://moz.com/free-seo-tools


Moz is the oldest among all other SEO tools.

The dashboard is easy to understand.

It has fast on-boarding for new clients.

Moz provides link building opportunities.

The search volume of Moz is one of the best in the industry.


It has a limited tier of membership for crawls and campaigns.

There is some restrictions in keyword tracking.

We cannot just put in the website URL and get the result for where the site ranks.

Due to so many options in Moz, it becomes difficult to navigate for the user.


Ubersuggest is a free tool that gives it’s user new keyword ideas for their websites. It is recently taken up by entrepreneur Neil Patel and he keeps expanding the feature set significantly. It is helpful to have high level overview status that can quickly scan. It can show you a certain set of people who use different keyword types. It also helps in generating different types of keywords like related keywords, questions keywords, preposition keywords and comparison keywords. Ubersuggest tells you approximately, how many backlinks you need, to rank on the first page with the keywords.


For more details to the website link: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/


Monitoring of the broken links by ubersggest helps you to optimize your Google ranking.

The best part is that, it gives you a brief idea of hashtags for social media platforms.

It has a nice and clear layout which is easy to use.

It has all the functions you need for basic SEO research.

It gives you ideas for creating new content


The generated report can not be exported.

Difficult to update.

It doesn’t tell you the page rank.

In the trial plan, the rank tracking is not good.

It filters only one keyword.

Answer the public:-

This tool gives you autocomplete data from search engines like google and yahoo etc., that help you to crank out every useful phrase and question that people are asking for keywords. It provides you with fresh content for your website. It gives you much deeper knowledge of what people search around your topic, revealing questions and queries which one might not have been able to come up with. Answer the Public ensures the content is targeted and optimized as much as possible. It helps an user to rank their website in a much better way with the help of organic keywords and also gives all the answers to the questions which might come into your mind.

For more details click on this website: https://answerthepublic.com/


There is an unlimited scope to perform daily searches.

With just a single account, you can accommodate unlimited users.

Easy access to high resolution images.

Allows to export keyword data in CSV format.

Efficient customer support.


You can only save the keywords in excel file.

It only tells the data for google search engine, doesn’t report for other search engines.

Data so presented can be little complex to understand.


SpyFu is a search analytics company that searches for relevant data on the Internet, which can be used to determine the keywords that companies and websites purchase using Google AdWords. SpyFu also associates search results with search terms so that the company can learn more about the types of search queries and the phrases that appear on the Google Search Results Pages (SERPs).

SpyFu essentially enables you to monitor your competitors by helping you identify the keywords they are buying for online advertising and choosing the words and phrases that generate the most traffic. This allows you to stay ahead of other companies or services in your industry and drive more traffic to your website.

For more details click on this website: https://answerthepublic.com/


It helps in choosing correct keywords.

It provides competitive keywords analysis.

It also guides you for future campaigns.

Has some useful free features.


They send bulk emails regarding their services.

It might often confuse the user while selecting the correct keyword.

Limited amount of data in the free version.

The data of Spyfu is 40% accurate.


Woorank is a SEO tool which provides it’s user with detailed reports for their website. This tools provides enough information about what needs to be improved on the website and where the errors are and which one needs to be fixed. It works really fast but is difficult to use.

It is useful for digital marketing agencies, helps them deliver the report for any particular website. Woorank strikes a balance between presenting a SEO rich data and an easily operable user friendly interface. It also provides Google Analytics and Google Search Console data without much complexity.

For more detail click on this website: https://www.woorank.com/


It provides information whether your website needs improvement in Title and Meta tags.

It also shows what errors are present on your website.

Woorank helps you to get insights on your website, whether it’s mobile friendly or not.

It is very easy to use and understand.

It gives you a proper report to set a benchmark for SEO improvement.


It does not allow you to search for more than 10 websites a day in it’s free version.

It provides you with basic information only.


Majestic provides you with data that you need in an extremely simplified manner. With Majestic you will come across an entirely new way to audit and discover backlinks. You can also browse the editorial link as a part of it’s directory. Majestic includes lost and deleted links as well and also let’s you use the link context option to find links close to your competitors as well. Majestic is capable of showing you with mutual links between any two websites.


For more detail click on this link: https://majestic.com/


Majestic helps you to track backlink history.

With the help of Majestic, you can create a report for your client.

Both the keyword checker and rank checker are very useful features.

It gives you enhanced quality of onsite analytics report.


This tool is not for developers.

It does not tells you about all the links with it’s backlink explorer.

It is hard to generate a report with it.


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