10 Best Programmatic Advertising Tools

Programmatic Advertising Tools

A Programmatic Ad-tech platform automatically chooses and places an Ad on a media source channel or site in accordance with the maximum user interaction, to optimize its reach. Millions of display ads for thousands of brands across billions of screens are uploaded and seen on a daily basis. A Programmatic Display platform makes it much easier to manage different campaigns and inventory optimally. Programmatic ad-tech platforms work on an automated bidding system and is part of a complex ad-tech landscape with several players.


It is a global platform for publishers to advertise their ad network. It is a Programmatic tool for display, mobile web, in-app & video ad functioning across many devices. Smarty Ads Programmatic algorithms create a communication channel between advertisers, brands & agencies and global premium publishers, ad networks & ad exchanges.

For more information visit https://smartyads.com/


Campaign delivery with a good inventory control at high speed.

Reliable tech support.

It is easy to target a specific set of customer group, irrespective of where they are.

The interface it employs is quite user-friendly.


Some important and useful features are only accessible when you get a premium subscription.

A lot of publishers had shady suspicious matrices, like extremely high CTRs.

The reporting capabilities are limited.


Simplifi is one of the leaders in the Programmatic Advertising spectrum. It delivers you efficiency while purchasing highly targeted impressions on a multitude of Real Time Bidding (RTB) advertising exchanges.

With the help of Simplifi you can create, optimize, expend & understand your audience behavior in a much better way. It enables marketers to target optimize and report on display campaigns at an individual data element level. SIMPLIFI works with the world’s largest buyers of localized advertising including multi-location brand agencies, local media group networks and trading desks.

For more information visit https://simpli.fi/


It provides you with great customer support. It also gives you suggestions for better campaign results.

Team SIMPLIFI is quick to respond to any of your queries with helpful solutions, amazing customer support.


SIMPLIFI at times can generate a lot of workload.

Often termed as a time consuming advertising tool.


It is an advertising campaign tool for digital branding. TubeMogul will make factual geopulse  proximity & geopulse audience targeting tools available directly within its demand side platform. It is used for programmatic media buying and can be safely used by the ad operations department. It ensures a competitive CPM cost and it’s create review process is also extremely fast. TubeMogul is used at the discretion of the media planner working on that particular account. it’s essentially a B2C marketing tool.

For more information visit https://www.tubemogul.com/ 


It provides you with great customer support. It also gives you suggestions for better campaign results.

Team SIMPLIFI is quick to respond to any of your queries with helpful solutions, amazing customer support.


SIMPLIFI at times can generate a lot of workload.

Often termed as a time consuming advertising tool.


It is the Programmatic advertising tool for mobile & video campaign for a wide variety of clients. It helps to do managing & optimizing Prospecting & Re-marketing campaign. It is easier to navigate display servers data providers. It empowers the online marketing professional with technology & services that enable advertisers & their agencies to make more efficient, effective & profitable marketing.

For more information visit https://www.mediamath.com/


Its provides you with as set of detailed reports.

It helps in managing, optimizing & remarketing a campaign.

Drives e-commerce sales.

Best Performing tool at scale.


It is incomplete in terms of a full fledged Ad-tech tool, you require an ad server for it.

Workflow management issues.

A low in-app inventory.


It is an ad serving & retargeting solution. It provides its users with a single view into their advertiser relationship across different screens, channels and formats. Pubmatic provides certain services such as brand spend access to incremental demand, flexible setup and a dedicated support system. The Pubmatic Platform empowers you to control and maximize their digital advertising technology campaign for premium content creators.

For more information visit https://pubmatic.com/


Easy to setup & navigate.

Quality supply.

Reporting is very flexible.

Drives performance at scale.

Helps in accomplishing both branding and a direct response goal.

Provides detailed analytics and reporting


Hard to control.

Complicated customer support.


It is the largest content style advertisement platform on the internet. They provide high level quality for their advertisers and provide services like tech implementations, publisher reporting and admin control panel. Adblade is a content style ad Platform and is quite popular due to its exceptional performance. Adblade renders great opportunities for beginners and with its assistance you can even increase your daily page views and graph traffic from various social media platforms.

For more information visit https://www.adblade.com/


It provides real times fast and quick advertisement tracking interface.

It provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that no one can steal your account information and credentials.


CPM/CPC for ADBADE is relatively lower than other Ad-tech Platforms.


It is renowned for its services like Find More Customers, Build Profitable Relationship, Track & Improve result and Protect Customer Data. The Adroll E-commerce marketing platform ensures a competitive approach to your B2C branding deliverables with consistent and personalized cross-channel experiences, extremely vital for customer relationship management.

For more information visit https://www.adroll.com/


Premium industry standard Data & Analytics.

Flexible marketing with a budget setting option..

Fantastic Account Manager.

Re-targeting across a variety of platforms.

Quick & Easy to build a new campaign.


Doesn’t support HTML5 ads.

Difficult to setup proper tracking.

Interface is limited.

API integration is Difficult.


Google Ad is essentially a paid form of advertisement on Google’s search pages. Product’s adverts appear when someone types a related search query. Google submits thousands of keywords and ads into an auction, enabling you to run a campaign on google ads in a very short span of time. Google Ads ensures a reach for your ad campaigns across a broad set of audience and millions of users. It has a higher cast than Facebook Ads. Easy to create and manage, it also provides you with keywords and ad planning tools. Google Ads are most popular from an SEO perspective.

For more information visit https://ads.google.com/


Quick creation of campaigns.

You can measure the results on real time basis.

Full control of ads.

Simple interface.


Pay for each click to your website.

If you have no budget your ads will stop.

Limited adverts options.


It is suitable for Publishers who want to use the google mobile ads SDK. You can load and display ads from Adcolony with open bidding or waterfall mediation. Adcolony is the biggest independent mobile ad platform on the internet and the provides the best monetization options for the publisher. It recognizably delivers the highest quality mobile video advertising experience in the world.

For more information visit https://www.adcolony.com/


Is really to work and play around with

Highly efficient in its spectrum.


Difficulty in consolidating various campaigns in the advertising structure.

No transparency from its management personnel.


It is the one of the most largest global ad network. Google Admob can fill your ad request from anywhere with maximum impressions every single time, with the most advanced monetization technology. It engages and retains your user with their innovative formats. It makes smarter decisions pertaining to various platforms like mobile apps and others, and also greatly impacts customer experience in a positive way and you can also streamline your day-to-day tasks with their automated tools.

For more information visit https://admob.google.com/home/



Highly efficient in its working.

Can be easily implemented.

Ensures better targeting of ads, boosts up your CTR.


Lacks a bit when it comes to the variety of services it offers.

Earning reports can be showcased in a more intriguing, creative and user friendly manner.


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