10 Best Landing Page Designer Apps

Landing Page Designer Apps

There ate a great number of Internet Ad banner marketing tools that will help various internet marketers make profits and utilize their resources efficiently. Banner ads are one such marketing tool that aids in increasing traffic flow to your website. Internet business owners need to be strategically inclined while choosing various websites to put their advertisements on. The website on which a business owner chooses to put their banner ads should exhibit a similar target audience structure as per the requirement of their business undertaking.


It is a service that lets you build landing pages for your online marketing and promotion campaigns with ease. It offers features such as easy page building and multiple campaign management. It employs a purely drag and drop mechanism, so you are able to place any element exactly where you want it to be within the page and is also ranked the highest support tool in the industry.

When you choose a particular template on INSTAPAGE you can filter it by specific types depending on the goal of your campaign i.e., Lead generation, click-through, webinar pages, mobile app, thank you page, etc.

It has one of the best user interface, that simply operates on a drag and drop mechanism.

Link:- https://instapage.com/


It is a landing page that allows that allows you to create and publish your own personalized landing pages without the need of a developer to code them. It allows you to customize your landing pages to match your requirements perfectly. The editor present in it allows for easy and quick page edits. With UNBOUNCE it’s quite convenient to approach for help when needed from customer coaches and is also fully functionable on both mobile and desktop layouts.

With UNBOUNCE, you can optimize and create landing pages that are dedicated towards prompting your visitors with one focused goal to specific web page. It provides with :-

  • Drag and drop options.
  • Copy and paste between pages.
  • Customize mobile pages
  • An extremely responsive interface.


First of all, it’s extremely easy and can also be integrated with word press. The content can be moved around easily by using a drag and drop mechanism.

It allows to easily fine tune your campaigns by working on or testing multiple versions side by side that allows us to keep in what works and what doesn’t. It helps us to stay focused on what we are trying to build on our page. We start with a template and may click anything on the landing page design and the rest of the page fades out a bit so we can easily focus on what we are editing. Each item which is being edited shows a floating panel next it and is compatible with approximately 40+ tools. It requires comparatively less customer support and also consists of a thankyou and confirmation page.



It allows you to create high-converting , mobile responsive landing pages which also supports various diversified software, that offers email marketing and web capabilities. Get response features and integrate your page in top web development tools like word press, etc. It also allows visitors to check out the products and services and sign up.

It is easy to move content around and allows you to perform multiple tasks at the same time such as create landing pages, email marketing and perform webinar tasks. It’s an all in one marketing plus landing page suite.

It is a decent option for people who have just started working from scratch and need more landing as well as software and email content for their website and web development requirements.



It is a flexible landing page builder that gives you complete control over every aspect of your campaign and also employs a simple drag and drop mechanism that allows the marketer to create amazing and insightful landing pages within a short time span, without the need of any prior programming knowledge.

You can publish your land page anywhere you wish like. It consists of many built in popup tools and the person who builds this page can also simultaneously create pages that look good on desktop or mobile devices and requires no coding. It makes it easy to get more sales and leads from your website and also provides you with flexibility to either work yourself or let the experts do it for you.


With a similar drag and drop mechanism it’s easier and quicker to create creative and interactive landing pages. It is not just a cutting – edge landing page builder but is also an excellent moneymaking tool often categorized as a complete website building tool. It’s an easy to use and editing platform which also allows you to easily edit from within the same dashboard rather than switching across different screens.

You can modify the page individually depending on the format of the device you are working on. Only a one time payment provides you with some of the best element plug-ins allowing you to juggle or navigate between the formats of a desktop and mobile simultaneously. Employing a drag and drop feature, multiple popups, device customizations and more it is extremely user friendly and you also don’t have to pay extra money for any domain or company.


It is one of the leading tools for creating stunning landing pages. CLICK FUNNELS has a number of templates to choose from for various pages like webinar events, discount portals, informational blogs, etc. In order to edit the template, you can make use of  their drag-and-drop feature to create great and insightful pages that works for you and your business.

The best part of this is that all you need to do is to upload your own copy of images, logo or data in a given format and customize whatever elements you want to customize with the drag and drop editor. It can also be used for efficient SEO optimization. It is a little expensive though because it operates as a page builder and you can get everything you need at a single place. CLICK FUNNELS works extremely well for result-driven people who are just starting out new on the internet.



It’s a landing page tool that is used for carrying out customizations, audience optimizations and can also easily publish and manage any content material.

FRESHWORK enables you to :-

  • Optimize your landing pages for various search engine crawlers.
  • Embedding in form of videos and code sections.
  • To pre-set a certain font style to match your brand image.
  • Provides you with many desktop functionalities and is extremely user friendly.
  • Ensures that the webpage’s location is optimized from an SEO perspective and is easier to access on an app across different devices.


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