10 Best Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool

The term keyword in digital marketing describes those words or phrases which an internet user types on a search engine searching field i.e., Google, Yahoo, etc. in order to look for a particular product or service. Keyword research is very important when it comes to SEO ranking and indexing purposes of a website. Keyword Research tools are used to search for high traffic keywords and are also useful in finding and researching for phrases that were searched for on various search engine platforms while looking for a product or service expecting an optimized and best ranked result webpages or websites, from an SEO perspective. It can also be used for optimizing a website’s content as well as for creating back links for the most relevant keyword.


An authentic Google trademarked tool which helps the user to research different keywords for their research campaigns. It is a free tool can identify and present the user with new keywords related to their business and also gives an estimate of how many searches are there for that particular keyword and what will be the cost to put up an ad for that particular keyword and it also shows you its monthly searches as well. There are a variety of factors that Google keyword planner uses to come up with an estimate cost for putting up an ad for a particular keyword you searched for, like the popularity of the product for which the keyword is related to, the customer behavior and perception in the industry towards it, amount of searches for that keyword and other related factors.

For more detail click on this link: https://ads.google.com/intl/


You can add group suggestions as well.

It has a high search volume.

It’s a free tool.

Easy to use.


It does not provide you for a negative keywords list.

Is not suitable for long-tailed keywords.

It doesn’t has an option to check the density of a particular keyword.


It is an easy to use keyword research tool which boosts certain features that you expect from other tools. It has two unique data points:

  • Organic CTR Score
  • Priority Score

Organic CTR Score :- It tells you the number of clicks that is expected from that one page on Google.

Priority Score :- It gives you a combined data of the search volume, CTR and keywords.

It gives you suggestions for related keywords. Moj Keyword Explorer offers a one month free trial period and also provides the user with organic CTR and priority score features for smart targeting.

For more detail click on this link: https://moz.com/explorer


It is one of the first keyword planning tools in the market.

Accurate enough keyword ranks and tracking facility.

High search volume.


Has tight keyword tracking restrictions.

Error tracking can be misleading.

Limited membership of crawls and campaigns.


KW Finder is designed by Mangools and helps the user to find keywords with low SEO difficulty along with their advertising cost. This tool is unique and easy to navigate and also can give keyword suggestions in any language. It also provides the user with the statistical data of the competition and also provides the user with a suggestion list as well. You can also use different types of filters to search for a keyword in the suggestion list quite conveniently.

For more detail click on this link: https://kwfinder.com/


One of the first to be introduced in the market and provides with a dependable keyword rank tracking feature.


Has tight keyword tracking restrictions.

Error tracking can be misleading.

Limited amount of free searches and membership of crawls and campaigns.


It is one of the leading keyword explorer and planning tool in the market. Semrush suggests you 5 to 10 specific tools which your competitors are using and helps in uncovering long tail keywords and ad group ideas. It even gives the user a yearly keyword trend along with the access to the complete keyword research tool. It also provides you with the organic traffic stats and has a 7 day free trial version. Basically it has 4 different plan

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • guru

For more detail click on this link: https://www.semrush.com/


Helps in competitor analysis.

Great for identifying technical SEO issues for your client’s websites


Only one person can use it at a time

Cannot be logged in with your Facebook account.

Doesn’t displays matrices for seed keywords.


Ahrefs is arguably the best keyword research tool for content creators and keyword targeting. It provides the user with a broad keyword report and is also quite accurate with it’s difficulty score. Ahrefs is capable of suggesting 1000+ keywords and also provides the user with certain suggestions to improve their targeting. This tool is operable in 171 countries, has a track record of growing the blog traffic from 15,000 to 70,000 monthly search visits in the past few years and able to generate unlimited amount of keyword ideas.

For more detail click on this link:https://ahrefs.com/


Helps recording new back links.

Helps in identifying broken back links.

Can integrate anchor texts of links.

Links can also get accrued over time.


The local rank tracker is unsophisticated.


Long-tailed keywords are the new trend in SEO and Long Tail Pro is just the tool for it. It generates long tail keywords for niche and micro-niche sites. It is a powerful tool for keywords and provides the user with detailed keyword metrices. Long Tail Pro makes it extremely easy to find long tail keywords.

For more detail click on this link:https://ahrefs.com/blog/long-tail-keywords/


Links get accrued over time.

Good keyword rank tracking.


Useful for searching only long-tailed keywords


It allows you to perform keyword research and rank tracking. Growth Bar can help its user uncover critical data points and insights to drive better marketing results for their business purposes. It basically shows you the exact keywords and growth channels that can give results and work for your site and also shows the domain authority of a website.

Growth Bar also helps you view the top keywords for a website which ranks for both organic and paid ads and even provides the user with the word count of a webpage without the hassle of copying and pasting the content on a word file.

It can be further stratified as:-

  • Standalone application
  • Chrome extension

For more detail click on this link: https://growthbarseo.com/?afmc=26


Easy to use


Unlimited keyword suggestions

Excellent customer support

Higher ranking with best optimized results


You can’t do broken link building with Growth Bar.

The keyword suggestion list doesn’t display keyword difficulty scores.

No advanced reporting for advanced users.

Limited only to tracking.


This tool is used for keyword research and PPC research solution to help you outrank your competition. Spyfu enables its user to track their ranking trends and increase in web traffic, making it quite beneficial for small business owners. The main objective of this tool is to help it’s users with search engine marketing.

Spyfu also helps you to improve your search rankings by tapping into your competitor’s keyword strategies and accomplish deep learning search engine optimization. SpyFu is a search marketing software that provides you insights on SEO, PPC and keyword related activities, it also helps it’s user to identify the search marketing secret formula of their most successful competitors.

It can be used for :-

  • Keyword Research & Analytics
  • Keyword Tracking

For more detail click on this link:  https://www.spyfu.com


Overviews for each domain and let’s you know whether they are clear and comprehensive.

Easy to navigate.

Easy to understand.

Plenty of keyword data, enabling you to develop a content strategy of your own

Saves time on research by identifying the best keywords.


A bit costly.

Requires extensive manual search.

Doesn’t has world wide coverage.


Majestic is a powerful and robust search engine marketing tool. It let’s you measure the success or failure of your sites with detailed tracking reports that contain all the relevant metrices and key numbers.

Majestic is an SEO service that specializes in generating back links. It is greatly beneficial in measuring the;

  • Trust Flow :- Trust Flow represents the quality of links that point to the URLs and websites
  • Citation Flow :- Citation Flow is the score which reflects the quantity of links that point to any given website.

Majestic helps you to identify an entirely new way to discover and audit back links. You can browse through the editorial links, which are a part of your browsing directory. The user can also include deleted and lost links from it’s browsing period. Majestic provides a complete back link profile

and the user can even use the link context to find links close to their competitors as well. It can also show you the mutual links between any two websites.

For more detail click on this link: https://majestic.com/


Link context is a very important and useful factor for a website and which can easily be identified with the help of Majestic.

Back link history is also an incredibly important factor in search engine marketing, analytics, reporting and targeting.

The user can also create custom reports for its clients with the help of this tool.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow can also be extremely useful.


Rank tracker is not always a 100% accurate.

Sometimes site explorer does not give the actual report, so a need to check manually becomes a necessity.

User interface is outdated and user experience can also be improved to some extent.


It is the one of the best keyword research and the most susceptible or sensitive back link checker tool available on the web. Link Miner helps it’s user in identifying the back links of their competition so that they can attempt to imitate or even surpass their effectivity. Developed by Mongols, this SEO tool can effortlessly break down all the traffic which your competitors have assembled on their site into exceptional back links, can even scroll down and highlight where a particular link is on the page and also has a feature of back link mining that enables you to depict the same type of links or linking method.

Link miner has several extraordinary features that helps in enhancing the SEO and generate a lot of traffic for your website.

For more detail click on this link: https://mangools.com#a61c2c84cfeebf85321e37f02


Back Links Database – This database enables the user to enlist all the useful back links for their website.

Most number of URL crawls .

SEO Approved – Many SEO authorities approve that Link Miner works perfectly to make a website fully optimized.


Accuracy Issues.

Weak Link tracking.

Not all the functions are explained in the form of a simple interface.


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