10 Best Content Writing Tool

Best Content Writing Tool

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Grammarly is a tool which can be used to check spellings and grammatical errors in your content. It also suggests you better alternative texts which may help you to make your content more insightful, for your reader to read. It was developed by Ukrainian developers Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn and Dmtyro Lider in 2009. In May 2017, the company raised $110 million in its first round of funding. The company raised another $90 million in its second round of funding in October 2019, the headquarter of Grammarly is in San Francisco, California and also has offices in Kyiv, New York city and Vancouver.

For more detail : https://www.grammarly.com/



It automatically rectifies any misspelled words.

It detects punctuation errors.

It gives you a proper accuracy while working.

It also gives you timely and insightful suggestions.


The phone application of Grammarly is quite slow.

It slows down or lags sometimes.

It needs to be more intuitive with the content.


Dupli-checker was developed in 2006 and is totally a free website to check the wordcount in a content list for up to 1500 words and also helps you to check for any traces of plagiarism in your content or any uploaded document. The purpose of using this tool is to check whether the content is copied or not and therefore, is quite helpful for content writing and  is a part of a much wider branch of marketing tools.

For more detail: https://www.duplichecker.com/



It is totally free.

Easy to use and access.

Features of Dupli-checker can be really handy.

Dupli-checker can read any file for example .txt, .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .rtf and others.


Hemingway is an application which identifies any kind of grammatical errors in piece of content material. The application highlights lengthy wordings, common errors and complex sentences. This application has its own color coding method to define a particular type of error. The red highlights, that your sentence is dense and complicated for the reader. Purple highlights, shortened words or adverbs, weakened phrases are highlighted in blue and finally green highlights indicates passives voices. It can also be used to format your text with the help of a toolbar and can also make your blog more compelling and attractive. 

For more detail: https://hemingwayapp.com/


It’s quite easy to use.

The color coding helps you to understand and rectify any error efficiently.

It can handle lengthy documents quite effectively.

The best part of Hemingway Editor is that there is no installation or login needed for accessing an online version of it.


You cannot save the data online.

The advance version of this application application makes it difficult to understand the grammar.

It often doesn’t corresponds with the writer’s personal style.

It doesn’t has a browser plugin.


Calmly Writer is a tool which is specially designed to induce a distraction free writing process. This tool is especially designed to help you focus on your specific writing style. When you start typing all the distracting options will disappear from the interface which helps you focus and concentrate on your content. It also has a ‘Focusing mode’ option, which makes it quite unique from the other tools available in the market, in this option only that paragraph is highlighted which you are currently editing at that time. It can be accessed online and is also free, but also has a paid version of it as well.

For more details:- https://www.calmlywriter.com/


It has very well designed spartan interface.

It has a full screen mode.

It can also be used while you are offline.

It is very simple to use.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts.


Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker. It detects if a text is similar to some other text or not on the web. In year 2004 Copyscape was launched by indigo stream technologies, Ltd and was eventually recognized as a very useful tool for content writers to detect that if their content has been copied without permission from one site to another or not. It is also used by content publishers to detect the plagiarism case of a particular content and it also shows any kind of matching content by highlighting the so found webpage. It monitors the webpage and sends notifications by email when any new copies of the content material are found and the premium version also helps in verifying the originality of the content purchased by online content publishers. 

For more detail: https://www.copyscape.com/


It is not that much expensive.

It is very easy to use for beginners as well.

Copy scape also has an extremely dependable customer support system.


The data so verified by this tool doesn’t comes along with a verification proof whether the verification was authentic or not, but even so it is termed to be quite accurate.

The accessible version of it not free.


Unicheck helps you track your daily and monthly tasks all in one place, no need to switch amongst different apps. There are so many apps that help us with the our daily and monthly tasks but none are capable of managing both. Enter Unicheck, it will assist as well as help us in managing all our daily and monthly tasks at the same time. You can even add securing tasks in the application, having high priority, or just enlist a quick task for the day, Unicheck has added a quick option for that as well. It even sends you reminders at the start and end of the day to remind you to complete the enlisted tasks as per your schedule.

For more details https://unicheck.com/



Word counter is an online website which helps you to count the word and characters of any particular content material. The online editor of Wunder Counter helps you to improve your word choices and writing style, optionally, and is also capable of assisting you to detect grammatical mistakes or errors and plagiarism. It is extremely easy to use, you just have to place the cursor in the text box displayed above and start typing. While you are typing the words, you will notice that it displays the word count for you to see, analyze, delete and edit as per your requirements. It also has the copy and paste option for articles, blogs, write ups, etc. and also provides you with the feature of setting a minimum or maximum word limit for an article, report, essay or even a book.

For more details: http://www.wundercounter.com/



Focus Writer is a basic text writer and is designed to be make you feel free from all the distractions. There are no toolbars in a windows operating system for a full screen mode which helps in concentrating while typing. It can be operated on both operating systems i.e., windows and IOS. It also has a feature for you to find or search for a word in your text and replace it with another word of your choice and you can also change the theme in the background. You can also set a goal for yourself, in terms of how much time you wish to write or the amount of words you want to type, in a day. You can even add tables and images to make your content look better for your visitors.

For more detail: https://focuswriter.en.softonic.com/


You can add your own background picture.

It creates a workplace for comfortable writing.

There is no need for an installation process for you to access Focus Writer.


It only accommodates the usage of text files.

It can’t check for spelling errors.


Pro-Writing Aid is an AI powered one of the best writing tools in the market. It helps in finding and correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It makes the text more persuasive and engaging for the reader by improving the strength, vocabulary and style of the written material. It consists of almost 20 reports focusing on different   aspects of a written content and also consists of additional features for videos, articles and quizzes to keep your editing process extractive and educational. It even improves a dull paragraph structure and has higher quality copy, editing and proceeding services. 




It helps in error free writing and improves your writing skills.

It can check for plagiarism and also helps in rectifying any kind of mistake.


Sometimes it is not able to handle vast content material like books or lengthy documents

Plagiarism checker is not available in the free version.


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